David Cartagena

a year abroad. incredible.

Last year I was studying abroad at the American University in Bulgaria. I took a few courses on artificial intelligence, web design, database systems and compiler theory which I found very interesting. The most amazing thing I did there was working very closely with different professors on two senior projects:

Working with such experienced professors let me learn things that I couldn't have learned otherwise and the fact that I did it abroad was an experience I will never forget. Furthermore being at an American university improved my English skills and my self-confidence and meeting new people to work with was a great experience.

IT SOLUTIONS. Taking care of everything.

I have been working for some years at different companies, being responsible for computer hardware, software and networks ensuring that the technology was accessible and equipped with current hardware and software, obtaining maximum access.

University degree. Acquiring knowledge.

During my university years I have been preparing myself for the competitive market, learning different programming languages and methodologies (agile methodologies and design patterns). From a low level programming language like assembler, going on to C++, Java, C# or .NET to web design using HMTL, CSS, JavaScript, or the management of database systems with SQL/MySql. Other remarkable courses might be the ones based on objects oriented programming concepts, networks management or information systems applied to the company. Before I got into university I also took different courses on my own based on Office software suite and Adobe PhotoShop that I have been able to improve over the years.